My new Chromebook

I bought an ASUS Chromebook Flip 10.1″ Touchscreen Laptop (Quad Core, 4GB, 16GB eMMC) – Aluminum Chassis. I know it is like a dumb terminal (browser), but as a Linux fan my intention is to install Linux on it. Boy that thing is thin – love it.

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3.5 inch Touch Screen Display For Raspberry Pi 3

Today Santa brought me a new 3.5″ display  for my Raspberry PI 3 and I am busy now installing it and making it to work. Mine came with a Protective Case + 3 x Heat sinks+ Touch Pen

Assembling was a piece of cake. I had already running Raspbian on my Rpi using it mostly headless (via ssh), connected wirelessly to my LAN. When I powered Rpi on, the display went all white – so far so good. Time to install some software in order display to be recognised. Found a nice site with a wiki

They are talking about 5″ display, but I decided to give it a try and see what happens with my 3.5″.

#1. Downloaded the driver while ssh-ed to my Rpi using wget as root


#2. Extracted the files from the archive

tar xzvf /boot/LCD-show-YYMMDD.tar.gz

#3. Added couple of lines to /boot/config.txt file

hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0

#3. Ran install

cd LCD-show/

#4. Rebooted

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LinuxCon 2016

Tomorrow Linux will turn 25.

There is a LinuxCon event in Toronto and I decided to visit it and see Linus’ keynote. What a disappointment was as per schedule it suppose to be like 10 minutes long. On top of that they asked me to register and pay $100. I will pay… but some other time (never). I am not interested in corporate drones there and their containers (most of the topics of the conference). VMware, HP, IBM and surprise Microsoft and Citrix (WTF). MS even has a keynote. Some memberships are $1100 – good luck with that. I don’t make my living with Linux or containers. That explains why Linux desktop is going nowhere – there is no money in it (for FSF).

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Measuring Temperature and Humidity with Raspberry Pi

After I played with OLED display with Raspberry PI, the next logical step is to display more useful information on it.


I bought a sensor DHT22_AM2302 which is a Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor with serial interface.

The device measures both temperature and humidity and you get the values in single poll.

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Windows 7 updates stuck (or suck)

I did fresh install of Windows 7 on both bare metal PC and in Virtual machine. Install went ok, but no updates. Checked for updates – 4hrs and still “checking…” I interrupted it.

Found a tool on the MS site which suppose to fix the problem:

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OLED display to Raspberry Pi

Today I played with an OLED Display. I bought it from Amazon for $14 which is 0.96 Inch I2C and SPI Serial 128 x 64. It needs only 4 wires to connect to Raspberry Pi. This display is a monochrome (blue) – hence the price.

 i2cdetect -y 1

Showed the display detected on the I2C bus

Couple of lines of code from GitHUB – show IP address and the time. Graphics also can be drawn – lines, circles, rectangles, ellipses etc. even displaying .png files.


#!/usr/bin/env python
# !!! Needs psutil (+ dependencies) installing:
# $ sudo apt-get install python-dev
# $ sudo pip install psutil
import os
import sys
if != 'posix':
sys.exit('platform not supported')
import psutil

from datetime import datetime
from oled.device import ssd1306, sh1106
from oled.render import canvas
from PIL import ImageDraw, ImageFont

f = os.popen('/sbin/ifconfig wlan0 | grep "inet\ addr" | cut -d: -f2 | cut -d" " -f1')
from time import gmtime,localtime, strftime
t = strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", localtime())
def stats(oled):
font = ImageFont.load_default()
font3 = ImageFont.truetype('/root/oled/fonts/C&C Red Alert [INET].ttf', 18)
font4 = ImageFont.truetype('/root/oled/fonts/C&C Red Alert [INET].ttf', 22)
with canvas(oled) as draw:
draw.text((0, 26), your_ip, font=font4, fill=255)
draw.text((0, 48), t, font=font3, fill=255)

def main():
oled = ssd1306(port=1, address=0x3C)

if __name__ == "__main__":

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Добавих твърдотелен диск към уеб сървъра

Купих си един твърдотелен диск (Solid State Disk SSD) ADATA 120GB за $45 и го добавих към сървъра с надеждата да се подобри производителността.

Кореновата файлова система я оставих на оригиналната SD карта,просто преместих /var директорията и swap файла върху новият диск. Да напомня, че MySQL, Apache, логовете и др. са във /var директорията.

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Added Solid State Disk to the web server

Today I bought a Solid State Disk (SSD) ADATA 120GB for $45 and added it to the server in hope the performance will improve.

Root file system is still on the original SD card, I just moved /var directory and the swap file onto the new disk. Mind you that MySQL server, Apache web server, log files etc. are in /var directory.

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Всеки българин ще получи от държавата електронна поща.

” … Всеки българин ще получи от държавата електронна поща. Това е предвидено в проекта за развитие на електронната идентификация, който е един от най-важните за внедряване на е-правителството. Имейлът ще се издава служебно при подновяването на личната карта с такава, в която има електронен идентификатор, предвижда пътната карта на правителството за изпълнение на стратегията за електронно управление..”

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Time-Lapse Video with Raspberry PI

I created time-lapse video with my Raspberry Pi. I used the Raspberry PI 5MP Camera Board Module (mine is NoIR version without IR filter). OS of choice is Raspbian. To avoid limits with SD card size, I mounted a share on my NFS server and generated the pictures there.
First testing the camera in single shot mode:

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