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"Двигателят" на сайта

Инсталирах си този сайт на малко компютърче A20-OLinuXino-LIME (с размер на кредитна карта, също като Raspberry Pi).

Въпросния компютър спечелих като награда за новинарска статия на сайта  “Линукс за българи” И реших да го оползотворя. Хардуера е open source, базиран на A20 ARM dual core Cortex-A7 processor на 1GHz с 512MB RAM. Работи под 32bit Debian Linux 7.9 директно от microSD картата клас 10. read more

Electric cars and new technologies

The other day I read about Tesla new SUV. These guys are moving forward fast. They are very expensive, but this is just the beginning.

I am wondering how long it will take for car giants like Ford, GM, Audi, BMW to start feeling threatened and start acting properly. These new cars can provide features which can make classic cars pathetic. For example noise – even theoretically Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) can’t get close. How about acceleration even with smaller electrical motor(s) can make big gasoline boys ashamed. Simple software update can vastly improve performance. Last but not least noise, air and dust pollution. read more

Struggle with Bell router

In order to host My web site at home or connect to my home network/ server from outside, I needed to open ports in my internet router and do port forwarding (port 80 in my case for http protocol and 22 for ssh).

I have a second router (Linksys) behind Bell router/modem and the problem I hit was my Bell router (Model 1000) didn’t cooperate. I eliminated my second router to make things simple, no matter how many attempts I did – my server was not visible from outside. I did port forwarding using upper port numbers, or lower (<1024) still no avail. I even put the machine under DMZ – same issue. Looked like ports are closed and I didn’t see a spot in the web interface to open them. read more

The heart of the site

I have installed this site on a teeny-tiny computer A20-OLinuXino-LIME (credit card size like Raspberry Pi).

It is open source hardware, based on A20 ARM dual core Cortex-A7 processor at 1GHz with 512MB RAM. It is running 32bit Debian Linux 7.9 directly from micro SD card class 10.

Currently it runs: Apache web server, MySQL and NFS server. WordPress instance is served without issues.

Here is some Runtime statistics which updates every 3 minutes

It is not a speed daemon, but power consumption is very low 2.2W and is quiet (no moving parts). read more

Hello world!

Starting my blog.