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Time-Lapse Video with Raspberry PI

I created time-lapse video with my Raspberry Pi. I used the Raspberry PI 5MP Camera Board Module (mine is NoIR version without IR filter). OS of choice is Raspbian. To avoid limits with SD card size, I mounted a share on my NFS server and generated the pictures there.
First testing the camera in single shot mode:

raspistill -o testimage.jpg

All was good, Then next step was to get picture every 16 seconds for 3hrs period and auto name them. read more

Парламентът прие електронното гласуване, ами сега…

Със 136 гласа “за”, 56 “против” и без въздържали се, Народното събрание е приело въвеждането на електронно гласуване при всички видове избори.

Сега да видим как ще бъде имплементирано. При съвременното ниво на комуникациите свързаността не е проблем. При нивото на производителност и цени на хардуера, това няма да е проблем. Теоретично обработката на изборните резултати ще е моментална, както и ще има много прецизни справки и разрези. Могат да се проследяват и анализират лесно и бързо логове и журнали. Могат бързо и евтино да се организират избори и референдуми. Но както винаги опираме до организацията и преполагам, че за пореден път това ще е препъни камъка. read more

Windows Nagware Gets Nasty

I have an old laptop running Windows 7. Everything was fine till last week. The moment I run Microsoft updates, CPU utilization jumps to 100% and stays there. Machine is completely unusable. After a while it fills up my hard drive as well.

I scanned for viruses and trojans, but nothing was detected. Only svchost.exe jumps to 100% CPU usage, so that was my first suspicion. Next I cleared Event Viewer as Microsoft suggests in such cases – no luck.

I don’t use this Windows much (the next partition hosts a Linux distribution), so I didn’t alocate too much free space, but so far was ok. Now Microsoft keeps downloading the new Windows 10 without asking for permition, but is stupid enough to check for the free disk space. read more

How I Met Linux

It was 1998, I was working in a large corporation using Novell Netware, mostly DOS, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, some Windows 95. A co-worker brought in his laptop with nice desktop – turned out was RedHat Linux 5. He showed me our file server mounted nicely as part of the laptop’s file system, transferring files back and forth in couple of terminal windows, was reading a PDF document in another window and desktop was very responsive even while formatting a floppy disk (at that time Windows was unusable during formatting even till Windows XP era). He was checking his email, browsing internet, FTP files from his home computer. He telnet to our Solaris server. read more

50 Things I Can Do With Linux, But Cannot in Windows

I read about lots of complains/ rants that Linux is not good or is not ready for desktop usage. For me it does the job and even beyond. At my work place I work under Windows, at home I am using Linux. On a daily base I see the differences and similarities. Here is my take on this.

1. Install Linux and start using it immediately.

Why: Because almost all “drivers” are in the kernel.

Why not in W.: You always need 3rd party drivers installed to use your PC: chipset, video card, touch-pad, audio controller, CD/DVD drive, Wifi adapter, Ethernet controller. Many times you finish installation and unable to access internet because of missing LAN adapter driver which needs to be downloaded in first place. read more