Windows 7 updates stuck (or suck)

I did fresh install of Windows 7 on both bare metal PC and in Virtual machine. Install went ok, but no updates. Checked for updates – 4hrs and still “checking…” I interrupted it.

Found a tool on the MS site which suppose to fix the problem:

10 hrs later this tool is still “Checking for updates”

Mind you that this is complete fresh install, without any 3rd party software installed, even no antivirus program.

Not sure if MS is crippling W7 to push everybody to W10 or is plain ignorance and incompetence. If there is a problem with connectivity or some server is unavailable – how hard is to check that and say so. Could be some system file locked by another part of the OS – I am speechless.

I thought is me missing something, but Internet is full with the same complains and fights.

I think this issue is by design and it will bite MS even further with W10 (as a rolling OS – i.e. constantly updating with fixes and new features). In Windows one cannot open a file if is already opened. Which is very stupid and is not an issue with other OS-es like  – Linux.

That reminds me why I switched to Linux 20 years ago and never look back.

Update: Looks like manually downloading and installing KB3102810 update did the trick.

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