My Accounting program

I’ve made a program for tracking my finances. It is not a big deal, but it does the job for me.

It is web based, works on top of LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Php).

You can try it – the code is available at: GitHub

The install:

1). Drop the source code in a folder at Apache’s document root:

git clone

2). Create a database in MySQL (for example acc_usd), and change the conf.php file accordingly.

3). Tables creation – run:

mysql -p acc_usd < mysql_tables.sql


Done! Pont your browser to: https://server/tinyacc/rep1.php?curr=usd

Do an initial data entry to initialise the data – for example loading your bank accounts/cards and cash, I am doing it by: cash — Amount — Other. Or Checking account — Amount — Other

You can start adding your daily transactions as they happen. For example cash withdrawal at an ATM: cash — Amount — Checking account. Paying a bill: Electrical bills — Amount — Checking account. Depositing money in Savings account: Savings account — Amount — Cash

Documents which are not accounted (don’t have the flag “accounted”) are ignored in calculations.

Balances are calculated dynamically and you can account or “un-account” or edit old documents at your will.

You can create more databases – for example for different currencies (I have one for bitcoins or I should say mini Bitcoins) .There are different reports and charts to have a better clue about you finances. Using the program you can also check when you bought something and whether warranty expired or not by searching by text or part of the text.

Hope you will find it useful.

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