Struggle with Bell router

In order to host My web site at home or connect to my home network/ server from outside, I needed to open ports in my internet router and do port forwarding (port 80 in my case for http protocol and 22 for ssh).

I have a second router (Linksys) behind Bell router/modem and the problem I hit was my Bell router (Model 1000) didn’t cooperate. I eliminated my second router to make things simple, no matter how many attempts I did – my server was not visible from outside. I did port forwarding using upper port numbers, or lower (<1024) still no avail. I even put the machine under DMZ – same issue. Looked like ports are closed and I didn’t see a spot in the web interface to open them.

I decided to contact support. I started a chat session with a tech lady from Bell. She asked me about my issue and guided me to configure my server under DMZ. She said you are set and it should work and hung up. Of course it didn’t work – I already tried that by myself. I badly needed this.

Doing an Internet research, found couple of propositions to configure a second router after Bell’s one to configure it’s WAN interface to use PPPoE protocol using b1 number and the password as login credentials. I thought it should not work because I was using Fiber Optic connection not DSL, but decided to try.

I figured my b1 number and the password and gave it a shot. Wow it worked – Linksys router got internet. I was using only modem portion of Bell router/modem bypassing router portion. Then tried port forwarding in my Linksys router and worked!

Job done!

Hope this helps somebody.

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