Electric cars and new technologies

The other day I read about Tesla new SUV. These guys are moving forward fast. They are very expensive, but this is just the beginning.

I am wondering how long it will take for car giants like Ford, GM, Audi, BMW to start feeling threatened and start acting properly. These new cars can provide features which can make classic cars pathetic. For example noise – even theoretically Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) can’t get close. How about acceleration even with smaller electrical motor(s) can make big gasoline boys ashamed. Simple software update can vastly improve performance. Last but not least noise, air and dust pollution.

Electric car doesn’t have gear box and clutches to fail, also less friction parts to wear off and lubricate. There are no high temperatures – less cooling systems.  All in all electrical cars are more reliable and need less maintenance.

Electric motors can be made in different sizes and shapes with very high efficiency. The only problem are batteries – too expensive, heavy, with low capacity and long charge times.

If big companies start investing/manufacturing as well, no doubt the prises will go down and charging infrastructure will be everywhere.

I remember when LCD monitor showed up, everybody was laughing at them: too low resolutions, small diagonals, small view angle, very expensive. Graphical designers claimed – they will never displace the high end CRT monitors. What happened – nobody even remembers those bulky monsters.

Now the same happens with SSD (Solid State Disks) vs. Hard Disk Drives (magnetic). SSD speed and power consumptions are not even comparable to HDD. Big boys (Seagate and Wetern Digital) are watching from aside and started to feel the heat. Prices are getting better and better. Last 2-3 years I see HDD prices flat – they can’t go further down which is not the case with SSD.

I see a lot of Tesla cars on the streets and hope there will be more.

Update Apr. 2.2016: With Tesla announcing Model 3 things get heated even further – 232,000 pre orders for 24hrs!

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