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Switching to Raspberry Pi 3

As my server was running on A20-OLinuXino-LIME board, it started to freeze. I thought it is software issue and after some update it will be fixed, but that didn’t happen. When freezes even blinking LED stops blink.

So I decided to try Raspberry PI and installed Raspbian OS. No SSD disk as before, all running on micro SD card.

I am playing wit Pis for a long time (my first one is Rpi 1 Model B still running my weather station on the balcony).

Here I am – my blog on Pi, so far so good, will see. read more

Added Solid State Disk to the web server

Today I bought a Solid State Disk (SSD) ADATA 120GB for $45 and added it to the server in hope the performance will improve.

Root file system is still on the original SD card, I just moved /var directory and the swap file onto the new disk. Mind you that MySQL server, Apache web server, log files etc. are in /var directory.

First I created partition table and partitions with cfdisk. Next I formatted the partition with EXT4 file system, mounted the partition, added an entry in fstab.

Next I switched Linux to single user mode – server was connected to HDMI cable to the TV and USB keyboard (this can’t be done via ssh). Then I moved var folder onto the new partition and created symlink to the original place var should be. Rebooted and everything was back to normal. read more

"Двигателят" на сайта

Инсталирах си този сайт на малко компютърче A20-OLinuXino-LIME (с размер на кредитна карта, също като Raspberry Pi).

Въпросния компютър спечелих като награда за новинарска статия на сайта  “Линукс за българи” И реших да го оползотворя. Хардуера е open source, базиран на A20 ARM dual core Cortex-A7 processor на 1GHz с 512MB RAM. Работи под 32bit Debian Linux 7.9 директно от microSD картата клас 10. read more